What we do.

Prescriptive Health Solutions partners with employers, associations, chambers, local governments, brokers, and Healthcare providers to offer engaging solutions that:

  • Educate & Empower individuals to live their best life
  • Coach & Support as individuals navigate complex life situations
  • Compliance & Accountability to encourage medication and treatment protocols
  • Manage Health Risks to prevent and/or better manage chronic conditions
  • Encourage Behavior Change toward healthier lifestyle choices


Our services include:

  • Wellness Audits & Wellness Consulting
  • Wellness Program Design
  • Employee Wellbeing Assessments
  • Population Health Management
  • Health Risk Assessments & Screenings
  • Disease Management & Coaching (virtual)
  • Health Education Resources
  • Wellness Seminars (virtual)
  • Health & Lifestyle Coaching (virtual)
  • Yoga and Exercise Classes (virtual)
  • Mental Health Education & Behavioral Health Support
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Personalized Exercise Prescriptions (virtual)


To discuss the right solution for you or your organization, contact us at 1-317-752-6555 or email dawn@prescriptivehealthsolutions.com

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